You have decided to seek the help of a psychologist. Congratulations for taking this step.

Now you will have to decide what type of professional and services will be the best fit for you.

Maybe you are suffering with anxiety, and/or depression, or having relationship or other stressful issues.

It is imperative that when participating in therapy, you develop a good relationship with the best psychotherapist that can help you. You should aim to find the best mental health counselor / couple's counselor that has the necessary tools suitable for your ailments.

I suggest you explore my website to learn more about the types of services I can provide for you.

Types of Patients I See

Looking from outside, some would say you have it all. Being a successful professional, a doctor, a lawyer, a CEO, an entrepreneur, a “home-business manager,” or someone who is in college studying what you believe will be the path for your successful career, does not guarantee a life without challenges.

Deep inside, you know you are not well and that stress is getting to you.  It may be the sadness you cannot shake off ("Is this depression?" you may question yourself), or the ever-present anxiety, or issues that come in relationships (or infertility, perinatal issues/loss, adoption), or being frequently worried about things. Maybe your stressors are coming from your relationship or difficulties with colleagues or family. Even difficulties with your children and the difficulties your children are encountering in life may be causing you stress.

If you are looking for couples' marriage therapy, couples counseling, or for a family counselor, make sure you explore my Couples' page (see link below) to identify the symptoms of someone who needs relationship therapy. Finding someone good for couples' therapy can be a daunting task. Both partners must like the psychotherapist and feel that she is working for the improvement of their relationship, building a better future, and is also engaged in promoting well being for each partner.

Types of Help You Can Get

Often times people want a “quick solution.”

However, a good psychological treatment can be lengthy.

My specialties can help you resolve immediate problems, such as anxiety or behavioral issues, but only a more comprehensive treatment plan will help you with depression, grief counseling, trauma, relationship issues, etc.

Some people even opt for a more profound treatment that requires more than once-a-week visitations that can continue for many years, so they can get to the root of their problems and resolve them for life. Although a great commitment in time and money such as this should be thoughtfully considered, this type of treatment is well worth the long-term benefits gained. We will explore the best type of therapy to help with your presenting (and sometimes hidden) issues.


Taking the Next Step

Call (813) 613-8587 for a FREE 15-minute phone psychotherapy consultation.

We can then proceed with a face-to-face first meeting where I will learn more about you, the history of your stress, and I will share how I will help you.

EXTRA: In the session, we will work together and explore your needs to finding a psychiatrist to complement your treatment. After an initial assessment, if there is a need to refer out to a more specialized therapist, we will do so.

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