Coaching Program for Adults

Coaching: It is an analysis and orientation of personal and professional life, using different instruments than the ones used in therapy.

Often times, people need a different “push” to overcome obstacles. At times, having a coach to held them accountable, and help them overcome the obstacles life presents, helps them to achieve their pre-establish goals and succeed in life.

For coaching sessions, please call (813) 613-8587.


Parents’ Coaching: Helping parents navigate and resolve issues with their children

Children present challenges that at times we, as a parent, are not well equipped to resolve. That’s when you need a parent’s coaching: to help you gain skills and tools to deal with everyday stressors and beyond.


Fertility / Infertility Coaching: Helping women (and men) through the difficult time of trying to conceive and/or understand /accept infertility.

It is difficult for couples to deal with fertility issues. It is much more difficult to understand/accept the infertility. Your coach can help you design a plan for becoming a parent, or a plan to fill whole again.

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Grief/Loss of Pregnancy/Loss of babies Coaching: For when the worse happened: you lost your baby/pregnancy.

Helping women (and men) to process the grief of losing the baby/pregnancy, and perhaps the hope of growing their family. It is a delicate moment that is often not discussed with family members, friends, or coworkers. This is when having a good coach can help you form a new family plan, and help you through your grief.