Concierge Services/VIP/Celebrity

Concierge Services/VIP/Celebrity

Elite Concierge Therapy for VIP Sports and Celebrities

For when time and privacy are very valuable.

If every minute counts in your busy life or privacy are at value, Elite Concierge Therapy might be for you. Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove provides qualified services when you need them and from wherever you are. The Elite Concierge Therapy offers the luxury of having a doctor available when it is convenient for you.

Imagine having premium psychological services delivered in a confidential matter, at your convenience. Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove can provide a gold-standard level of psychological care in the following ways:

Premium and Extended Hours
For premium clients with busy schedules, it can become a struggle just to find a time that works to attend psychotherapy. Dr. Marzullo-Dove’s clients benefit from the extended hours of operations, and often offer weekend appointments.

Same-Day Contact / Same-Day Service
If you are experiencing an emergency or an immediate need to be seen by your doctor, Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove may find a same-day appointment time for you (even on the weekends).

Access by Web video, Text, or Telephone
As a premium client, you will be able to consult with your doctor by telephone, Web video, or Text even if you do not have an appointment.

If Dr. Marzullo-Dove is in session when you call, you can expect her to call you back as soon as she is available (even during evening hours). If you have an urgent need, Dr. Marzullo-Dove can become available to you. If your matter cannot be spoken, a “text” option may be available then.

Priority Email Reply
As a premium client, you are provided with the email address of your doctor who will respond to your emails as soon as she is available (in case she is in sessions).

Session Length Grace
At times, the discussions in sessions do not fit within the 45-minute slot time. Dr. Marzullo-Dove may offer extra time during sessions when is needed to finish a discussion.

Private Environment
In her office, she does everything to make your experience a positive one. Our private parking lot and private entrance to the office allows privacy when coming in and out of the building. We have designed our office and waiting rooms for your increased privacy and comfort.

Premium Services
Dr. Marzullo-Dove offers a unique suite of Premium Services including:

  • Couples Therapy
  • Family Enrichment Support
  • Self-Actualization Sessions
  • Check-In when Facing Anxiety-Provoking Situations
  • Road Trip and Travel Options (Traveling and Hotel Expenses at Client’s Cost) *
  • Hospital and Pre-/Post-Surgery Services*

*Please Check for Availability. During COVID-19 pandemic this service is very limited.
I welcome the opportunity to meet you and begin the journey toward healthy relationships and a happy life.

Elite Concierge Therapy Plans/Rates

The intake session consists of two 50-minute sessions
Concierge 50-minutes Session at Office, In-Home, or Web video.

  • VIP – on-site (1 h – last-minute session) – $300
  • VIP – Client’s site (1 to 1.5 h) – $350 to $450 – Individuals, Couples, or Family visits, plus travel time
  • Monthly VIP concierge plans are also available
  • Celebrity Package – Ultra discreet/confidential services available – Therapist’s site, client’s site, or 3rd locations. Prices vary depending on session time and travel time.

*Travel is included up to 20 miles. Travel time rate is an additional $100/h
** Weekend/Evening Appointments: Additional $100

  • VIP Concierge Monthly/Annual Plans: Dr. Marzullo-Dove’s VIP Concierge Plans allow you to have 24-hour access to her services. Contact Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove for an individualized plan for you as an individual, couple, or family. One-, three-, or six-month contracts available.

Contact Dr. Marzullo-Dove to discuss a customized plan that suits the special needs of your schedule at (813) 613-8587.