Older Adults

Older Adults

Helping Older Adults

You have dreamed of reaching a certain age and NOT have any more preoccupations. Instead, life continues to happen. There are many issues seen when arriving at an older age:

If you are stressing about any of the issues above, please call (813) 613-8587 for a FREE 15-minute phone conversation.

We will help you identify your issues and find the best way to help you live a better life and improve your well-being and relationships.

Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove



“Dr. Dove is the only therapist that I have stuck with. She really cares from her heart. The BEST EVER!”
(Female, divorced, 50’s – Individual therapy)

“Overall I think my sessions went well. I feel much better and was able to conquer many of the challenges I was dealing with. The tools given to me during my sessions have been most helpful.”
(Female, single, 60’s – Individual therapy)

“My life has been enriched by Dr. Rosana.”
(Male, married, 50’s – Individual)