Support for Parents

Parents can be supported in many different ways in my office:

Before conception, I provide support for individuals dealing with fertility issues or making the decision of having children or not. I also work with parents going through the adoption process (before and after).

After conception, I provide support for mood and anxiety issues, as well as support for parents who have lost their child (due to miscarriageabortion, or neonatal loss).

Parenting skills (and sometimes Parents’ Group) are taught throughout treatment.

I offer integrative psychotherapy for the following:

I offer support to parents in all stages of forming a family.

Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove

“One of the things I liked about Dr. Rosana is her insight on relationships, dealing with family and friends, and her response to me on how I should deal with each situation. She is really attentive and friendly. She gives me good feedback on who I am.”
(Female, 50’s – Individual therapy)

“We had a good relationship with the therapist. It was good teamwork.”
(Male, married with children, 40’s – Family therapy)