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    Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove at Tampa Therapy Group

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    One of things I liked about Dr. Rosana is her insight on relationships, dealing with family and friends, and her response to me on how I should deal with each situation. She is really attentive and friendly. She gives me good feedback on who I am.
    Female, 50's
    Individual Therapy
    Dr. Dove was very profound and good at her job. I have recommended other people to your office due to my pleasure and happiness.
    Male, Divorced, 50's
    Individual & Couples Therapy
    Dr. Dove was very helpful and understanding of my life and issues that came along with it. I never felt pressured to reveal anything I felt was inappropriate, but she always made me feel comfortable enough to share anything.”
    Male, LGBT, Teen
    Individual & Family Therapy
    I really appreciate the time we’ve spent together. You’ve helped me control my anxiety and get rid of my depression. I appreciate the exercises that you’ve taught me and how I was able to vent to you about my situations at school and myself personally. I feel very comfortable in telling you my problems. I’m really going to miss you and the time we spent together.
    Female, Teen
    Individual & Family Therapy
    Dr. Dove helped me so much. I liked her therapy techniques. I can truly say that working with her has been a very positive experience.
    Female, Single, 30's
    Individual Therapy
    "I am very thankful for Dr. Rosana Marzullo-Dove. I only wish I found her sooner. Thanks to her knowledge and expertise, I have been able to improve relationships and communication and find peace with past trauma."
    Female - Married - 30's

    The experience was very productive. It helped to improve our relationship. We were able to discuss the issues openly and able to arrive at solutions.”

    (Couple at early 50’s – Came to treatment with communication, trust, and sexual issues)